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Thompson, Todd (1979-1983)

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Hometown:  Bucksport, Maine

Unit at Loring:  42 SPS   and  AFOSI

First day at Loring:

9 Jan '79   Was immediately assigned housing, turned on the heat, and the radiator blow open..stinky black hot water gurgled out of the Wyoming Circle house.  No phone, so ran into the street and asked for help.  CE showed up in 5 minutes!  Oh yeah, if you haven't heard...it was cold.  My Mustang never made it past Bangor until the next week (as the garaqe changed oil but put straight 30w in it, that turned to molasses at -10!)

Most memorable experience:

That 4 years was something: SP delivered a baby in housing area as Ambulance could't get there in bad snow storm; As an E-1, "Escorted" a high level officer home after he closed up the Officers club at 0400 and I learned this was a heck of a lot better on everyone than alternatives (those fella's had a lot of stress); "firecracker" sendoff to outgoing LE member (resulting in Peacekeeper going code 3 through housing!); High Speed SPS snowmobile partol response up the runway (85 mph); Person in housing shooting out windows with shotgun-we deployed;evacuated families; and tackled the guy who eventually came out waving a tennis racket (and slowly moving a revolver that an SP was inadvertently pointing at the patrol Sergeants head, while we were taking cover behind those Blue striped police cars!); stopped 2nd Lt for blowing stop sign while driving GOV(he was late to get to a plane at Arch hanger to drive a General who had just landed).  My Sgt was ordering me via radio to write a ticket (and the Wing and Base CC heard the radio call as they had to stop too). I suggested I lead the group with lights flashing....and they were escorted right to the plane!  I was later chewed out at Police Station by 2 Sergeants, until Base CC and the 2nd Lt came in to receive his "ticket". Then I had done everything correctly; and then there was the time I'd been in the Upper Pea Patch for 6 1/2 hours at -10 during alert and had to relieve myself by making yellow snow. A spotlight came on me, I "waved 'em off" then heard, "This is Eagle 1, you need to make sure your troops are properly relieved!"  Not long after, I was :).  One Saturday night I was dispatched by Base Police to the housing area to collect an abandoned dog.  It was a dachshund on a leash that had been left at someone’s back door. Well, the dog and I went right over to the 42 SPS barracks and found some friends with a “party in progress”.  I knocked on their door and gave the military working dog speech, and declared the room had to be searched by order of the base commander.   They all sobered up real quick…..then I let the little hot dog go.  He ran around and went under the bunk bed sniffing shoes.  The guys started questioning if this was a real military working dog.  I told them it was a new drug detection dog that could get into lots of tight spaces like ducting work.  I had them convinced until right before I left, then told them it was really a stray. They weren’t too happy but I thought it was funny!     Then I had to take the little bugger over to the dog pound.  I’m sure he got a new home soon.    I also worked in SPS at the Blotner site many a night 79 – 83.   Remember sitting in the control center playing with the joystick that controlled the satellite.  I had to leave the room when the bird came over the horizon as when they downloaded stuff it was all classified.  The only security problem I ever heard of there was some hunters shooting in the woods below the hill (one hunting season) had bullets that flew over the site.  Those guys had a nice little site, even had an auto hobby shop. The gatehouse sucked though.


Last Day at Loring:  

Cross trained into OSI.  Came back from 3 1/2 month Bolling AFB tech school in April.  I was looking forward to Little Rock and was waxing my new Trans AM, then it started snowing.......:)     



What did you do after Loring:

 OSI  83- 99    Moved back to Maine. Work Security at a large Banking call center.


If you agree, people can contact you at (email):  toddthompson007@hotmail.com