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Tubbs, Michael L. (1972-1973)*

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Ozark Mtn. North of Little Rock AFB 1973 - From Profile Photos
Home Town: Orlando, Fl
Unit at Loring: 407 ARS
First Day at Loring: "Strange.  I left Vietnam on 22 March, 1972 and then went to Castle for KC-135 training as a co-pilot.  Upon my arrival I was assigned to a crew who's A/C was Capt Webb-Bowen.  He was preparing to leave the service.  Any way, my father was having a very hard time in Orlando and asked me if I could come and help him.  He had started a new career and it was not working as he expected.  I got into the Palace Chase program and traded my active duty commitment for one in the Air Force Reserves @ Kessler AF.  The first week I was there I purchased a Suzui (sp) in the box from the year before.  Slow snow year I was told.  I loved riding the snow mobile.  It snowed that Thanksgiving day all day long with a ton of snow.  Great people there and I missed all of them.  @ the Orlando VA one of the people that checks you in spent his last assignment and retired from Loring.  Small world.  I helped coach a kids football team and I cannot remember the spelling of the last name of Chuck.  It Leitighter or something like that.  He was in the PE section for flight crews.  If anyone knows who I am talking about please let me know.  My life has been a mess fighting Agent Orange cancer but I am still kicking.

Great people in my squadron at that time.  It is a shame we all just scatter and no one knows where everyone went.  A real shame.

Michael L. Tubbs
407.660.7352 Orlando, Fl 
Most Memorable Experience: "It was snowing with some freezing rain and we were scheduled to fly and refuel an FB-111.  They almost never made it into the air.  We had a surprise check pilot jump on board.  He was sitting in the jump seat and we were de-icing the KC-135 for the 2nd or 3rd time.  Visibility was bad due to the blowing snow and rain.  The check pilot was not from Loring and asked us if we always flew in this crap to quote him.  All of a sudden a voice came on the radio and said that our mission had been cancelled due to the failure of the FB-111 from Pease to get airborne.  Surprise, who would have guessed. I turned to tell the check pilot that we were not going to fly that night and he was already going down the ladder.  He was glad to get the hell out of the airplane he told me.

Fun fun fun.......We did save a new born baby's life one night in an emergency flight to Boston.....That makes it all worth while."
Last Day at Loring: "I had my furniture moved without any orders and other things like that.  An ORI hit the base the morning I was leaving.  I had just signed out and gotten my last pay and as I was going down the stairs a Col. that was with the ORI stopped me.  I did not salute him, I was in a hurry.  All he said was ""Lt don't you salute officers"".  I said ""no sir, I am now a civilian"".  He saw my name tag and said he wanted to know how I had moved furniture to Orlando etc with no orders.  I did not want to get anyone in trouble due to it was all done on my word.  I just smiled and told him that Loring was full of very nice people and they all helped out friends.  He smiled and I left, got in my VW Van with my pregnant wife and my brother, and started driving to Orlando.

That was it.  I was home about 10 days and then off to Little Rock AFB for C-130 upgrade training."
What did you do after Loring? Commercial real estate broker and developer in Orlando, Florida.  Lots of fun especially in the past couple of years.  Our market here in Orlando is dead on arrival.  I wonder who sits around making up the crap that is on the TV and newspapers about "the economy is booming".  I would ask them what have they been smoking except they do not exist.
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