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Veno, Jerry (1972-1973)

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Hometown: Dover, NH

Unit at Loring: 42nd Supply - POL

 Don't forget to check out Jerry's story about the time his car was frozen in ice!

First day at LoringI drove up from southern NH in August of '72. It was a beautiful sunny day, so the drive was eneventful and enjoyable.  I found my way to the base with no problem, got good directions from the security guard to the Supply Squadron barracks and got settled in that same day with no problems.


Most memorable experience: It was all good, don't really have a favorite story.  The 176 inches of snow we received that year made for some trying times, but the folks I worked with in POL made the tough conditions easier to deal with.


Last Day at Loring: I left Loring in early September of '73 right before the cold and snow were getting ready to pounce, so I was quite happy with that.   I left early in the AM and arrived back in NH for a little R & R before heading back to Clark in the Philippines for a couple of years.


What did you do after Loring: I left Loring, went back to the Philippines for a second tour, then onto Pease in NH where I was discharged in 1976. I worked at an oil processing plant in Newington, NH for 5 years, then decided to move to a warmer climate.  Came to Phoenix, AZ in 1981, went to college full time, got a Computer Science degree and have been working in IT ever since.  I am currently an IT Consultant and am looking forward to retirement in a few years.


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