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Wakefield, Lynn (1975-1976)

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Hometown:  San Antonio, TX

Unit at Loring:  69 Bomb Sq (H)

First day at Loring:

Jan 15, 1975--10 degrees--it was the mid-winter warm-up period.  Woke up on a Sunday morning and headed tothe O'Club as a 2dLt to check out hte Sunday Breakfast buffet.  No luck as the club was not open for business as the previous night, Saturday, was the wild game banquet--the smell of bear was amazing!!

Most memorable experience:  

In 1975, I volunteered to coach a little league team--the rec center called me and asked if I would consider coaching a girls softball team instead as they needed vols in that league in a worst way.  I agreed and and got a all-girl team with ages from 8-12years old--and three of the 8 full colonels on Loring AFB had girls on that team....    I was on alert when the Base league coaches meeting occurred and could not attend as the location was outside the driving zone--as a 2dLt, I got "elected" as the league President by the coaches present-learned a lot of lessons about being a 2dLt and the power of the NCO Corps early in my career.  It was a great season and a great first tour.  :)

Last Day at Loring:  

Last alert tour as the EWO on Crew R-19 involved starting the engines and pulling forward to allow snowplows to remove the snow inside the red line and surrounding parking area in the "christmas tree.  We were sortie one in the throat of the christmas tree and could only get two engines started as it was -68 Degrees at 1600 hours--we had to stay a while to get a yuke to move us.  Set my coffee down for about 15 seconds amd it froze rock hard--haveto see that kind of cold to understand.


What did you do after Loring:

I was an EWO for 8 1/2 years at Loring and Carswell AFBs, and a Raven 1 on RC-135 A/C for 3 years--a SAC -trained warrior.  Transitioned into intelligence and wound up commanding troops on five different occassions on four continents within electronic Security Command and its successor organization names.  My last active duty was as the Director of Operations, HQ Air Intelligence Agency--I retired as a Colonel,1 Jul 2001, after a nearly 29-year career.  Loring AFB got me off to a fine AF career start and I will always cherish the memories of historic place.


If you agree, people can contact you at (email):  lwwakefield@hotmail.com