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Wilson, Patrick M. (1971 - 1973)

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Home Town: Orlando, Florida
Unit at Loring: Base Photo
First Day at Loring: Excited...wanted to see real Air Force.  Place was chilly and hadn't seen sun setting over mountains.  Florida is sorta flat where I'm from.  People in town were friendly and helpful.  On base couldn't complain about the people assigned there.  Most were great people.
Most Memorable Experience: I was just learning golf at the base gold course.  A golfer in front of me hit a ball that was a little off course.  Hit a moose in the woods and he came out with a vengence.  Very mad at everybody.  First time I saw a group of people running and leaving golf equipment trying to outrun and out dodge a moose.   The moose eventually stompted its feet and snorted and walked back in to woods, calmly...
Last Day at Loring: Sad...said see ya later to a bunch of people...had a lot of friends who i know i could possibly see again.  The people on the base were the REAL Air Force.
What did you do after Loring? Stayed in A.F. and now work in a Lowes....ya never seem to retire.
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