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Anderson, Kenneth (1987-1993)

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Hometown: Royse City, Texas

Unit at Loring: 42nd OMS / 69th BMS


First day at Loring:  Arrived in February 1987, Was driven to the base from the airport in Caribou by a VIP that was TDY at the base for an upcoming inspection (cannot remember his name or affiliation, but I seem to remember he was pretty high up in the echelons), as my sponsor could not be reached by phone and hadn't arrived to pick me up.  He insisted I join him at the NCO club for a drink or two and we sat and talked about the Air Force and my upcoming career in general.  The next morning I was awakened by my sponsor to start my in-processing and he seemed rather annoyed that I couldn't reach him the night before, until I informed him I was brought to the base by that VIP...


Most memorable experience: Right before the base closed, my wife and I took a drive to Lake Malabeam to see what it looked like after it was drained, we had the pleasure of watching a huge moose cross the lake bed a few hundred yards away from us.


Last Day at Loring: It was late October 1993, and I was pretty quiet at work about it being my last duty day that night, but somehow I let it slip that it was my last night on the flightline (B-52 Crew Chief), my co-workers promptly chased me out of the maintenance truck and duck taped me from head to toe, I was then driven to the wash bay at the "Blue Goose" where I was drenched in the ice cold water from the fire hose they used to fill the Diecers,,, NICE!!

We stayed at the Loring Inn the night before we (wife and I) left as we had cleared out of Base Housing the day prior.

I remember it being a little sad as we passed the "Welcome to Caribou" then the "Welcome to Presque Isle" signs for the last time as we drove to our new assignment at Minot AFB, North Dakota...


What did you do after Loring: In October 1993 I PSC'd to Minot AFB, North Dakota and spent 2 years crewing the B-52H, then another 8 years working in the Aero Repair shop,,, I loved that job and hated to leave!

I then PCS'd to Dyess AFB, Texas in 2003 and spent 2 years crewing the B-1B, then another 4 years as a production superintendent until I retired in October 2009.

Since my retirement I have been working as an aircraft systems / structures mechanic for L3 Communications in Greenville, Texas.
If you agree, people can contact you at (email):anderson1991@suddenlink.net