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Blauvelt, Martin (1986-1990)

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Hometown: Enfield Ct

Unit at Loring: 42 oms tanker branch


First day at Loring:  left enfield ct the trees had leaves and the grass was green. got to loring it was still winter!! LOL. Bob Polk was my sponsor, he was great!


Most memorable experience: there is so many, my cherry tour on alert, when john farmier sat on my chest while the other guys taped me up and tossed me in a laundry bin of cold water and shaving cream!

   or drinking beer after swing shift in the training room with john manross, eric peel and many others!

  Getting stuck in the deicer bucket because the pony motor died and wouldnt start back up. 

  Telling jokes all nite long with Ron powell.

  or watching lou devole get pissed at msgt adderly and trow the radio mike out the truck window and drive off.


Last Day at Loring: a mixed bag of emotions, left to get my (then wife) treatment for a "problem" turns out shes just nuts! I have never found a closer knit,  harder working, dedicated and professional group of people sence!


What did you do after Loring: 4 years at wright pat. 2 years at mcconnell got out for 4 years, went through 2 divorces, got remarried and settled in ny joined the guard at stewart working c5 s have been agr for 9 years. raised 5 kids and now enjoy my 7 month old grandson (who by the way, is perfect).
If you agree, people can contact you at (email):mdblauvelt@gmail.com