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Bloomberg, Lynda (1981-1984)*

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Lynda and her oldest (uniform) and youngest (2009)
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Hometown:  Lexington, MA

Unit at Loring:  42 OMS

First day at Loring:

It was a cloudy December day.  There actually was little to no snow on the ground.  My parents drove me up from Mass.  I went to the orderly room and from there the Flight Chief (Chuck Green) took me over to the dorm.  There I got my room and went to get introduced to my new lead Crew Chief.  He flately refused to have a woman on his crew.  I always respected him for his straight forward answer.  Later in time, he said it was a huge regret he had.  Still friends with him to this day!  :)

Most memorable experience:  

I have several.  Loring was a place where you lived, you partied, you worked all with the same people.  It was awesome.

Last Day at Loring:  


What did you do after Loring:

After Loring I went on to Nellis AFB to work for the 4450th Tactical Group.  I worked up in the Nevada Test Range on the F117A.  After 2 years I left the USAF and came home to New England, New Hampshire in particular.  Had three sons, worked in the  nursing field, and finally went back to college.  I have a degree in Manufacturing Engineering.  Divorced my husband, went to work for Sprague in Concord NH in Failure Analysis.  Worked there for 2 years and got a job with the Federal Aviation Administration as an Environmental Tech.  Worked on Approach lighting  for airports, visual nav aides, and engine generators.  Transferred to the Boston Center ARTCC in 2004 and I work as a National Airspace Operations Manager.  All three of my sons are now grown.  All have gone into the Army... go figure!  None would even look at the Air Force.  Oldest and youngest are active duty or will be.  Youngest leaves July 10 for basic training.  Middle son is a reservist at the old Fort Devens in Mass.

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