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Bois, Bob (1987-1991)*

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 Left to Right: Crew R-21 -- David Harrell (G), Bob Liebman (EW), Bob Bois (P), Bob Bay (RN), Doug Fries (N), Corey ? (CP)  (Click HERE to view large version)

Bob Bois with Bob Liebman (E-dub) and crew chief at Plattsburgh AFB Open House, Sept 1988
(Click HERE to view large version)
Bob Bois Today, Lockheed Martin Human Performance Engineer
Bob Bois as T-38 ACE IP at Minot in 1995
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Crew E-21 just prior to departing Loring with the infamous 484 tail to deliver it to the Boneyard at DM (Click HERE to view large version)


Hometown:  Presque Isle, ME

Unit at Loring:  69th Bomb Squadron

First day at Loring:  Can't remember too much about my first day, however, it was shortly after that I received news that my son was born out in Oklahoma. So my wife and I had to make quick arrangements to go out there to pick him up.

Most memorable experience:   So many stories... but my crew was given the dubious duty of retiring the infamous "4-8-4" to the Boneyard in Tuscon. This was the bomber that went off the end of Loring's runway back in 1985/86 when the landing gear retracted on takeoff. Boeing was brought in and fixed the plane back up good as new. Not! Crews began calling it "2-4-2" because it was not the old 4-8-4. To make matters worse, this bird was rotated out to Guam and while there, a high-as-a-kite game warden knocks out half of its hydraulics by shooting at it during transition training. When this Buff was rotated back to Loring it then took up the new moniker of "1-2-1."  She was the third B-52G to enter the Boneyard -- retired back in the late summer of 1989.

Last Day at Loring:   15 Februay 1991. A blizzard going on and here I was towing a boat (to San Antonio). Enough said.


What did you do after Loring: Completed a 23-year career serving ATC, SAC, AETC, and ACC. Have been a defense contractor with Northrop Grumman starting in 2005 and then with Lockheed Martin since 2006.


If you agree, people can contact you at (email): Bois77@comcast.net