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Bousque't, Jeff (1980-1983)

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Hometown:  Eagle River
Unit at Loring:  42nd OMS

First day at Loring:

Cold clear Saturday, I got to meet people (first one I met was Wop) and relax till Monday's inprocessing.

Most memorable experience:  

Keg party behind the barracks for my birthday. We were all having a good time, had a drag chute out as a canopy as it was drizzling a little. Gradually it started to snow- nobody said a word, just kind of waited for someone else to say something about the snow. Eventually, the drizzle returned and the snow melted away. The thing was; It was 30 JULY 81.

Last Day at Loring:  

Extremely cold- wind chill was down to -72F, a little bummed out saying goodbye to my friends, anticipating a long drive to Dyess.Got a kiss from a girl from Loveland, Co. that knocked my socks off- I knew just then that leaving was a mistake. I still think about her.
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