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Brown, Rick (1985-1988)

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Hometown: Locust Lrove, GA

Unit at Loring: 42nd OMS


First day at LoringWoke up my first morning to 8 inches of fresh snow.  Being form Georgia, I was thinking what have I gotten myself into.


Most memorable experience: All of the great people

Putting water on the Alert aircraft at 2am and dumping it at 3am

The one day of summer each year

European and Pacific Tanker Task Force trips


Last Day at Loring: Hectic.  Was out processing, when someone came in and told me that my out processing was on hold.  I was told that I needed to report to the DCM.  Col. Crosby informed me that they were trying to keep me in until my actual separation date (was getting out early due to Graham Rudman act). After a 2 hour discussion, I was sent back to finish out processing.  It took me 2 months after that to get my final pay fixed.


What did you do after Loring: Delta Air Lines for the past 23 years.  Line Maintenance and Flight Operations


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