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Brown, Rick (1985-1988)

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Home Town: St. Johnsbury VT
Unit at Loring: MMS
First Day at Loring: I drove up from Vermont which only took 1 hour to get to Maine....I never knew that it would take another 7 hours to get to the base....It was a long day.
Most Memorable Experience: Once I was on mobility in the second to last truck in a convoy. It was 3am in the  winter and we were waiting to roll out of the WSA. I was the driver and my buddy was the passenger. We both fell asleep. The next thing I knew someone knocked on the door....What is wrong...everyone in front of us left. No radio contact we had to race to catch them..we had no idea where we were going....we did catch up to them.
Last Day at Loring: It was a long ride home with my 2 kids....My son was only 4 weeks old.
What did you do after Loring? I am an electrician working for the City of Lebanon NH
If you agree, people can contact you at (email): Rick33brown@yahoo.com