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Foss, William (1982-1987)

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Home Town: Brooklyn, New York
Unit at Loring: 42nd Civil Engineering Squadron
First Day at Loring: October 1982 , Horrible arriving day...the electricity was out on the base, my wife and kids were cranky after an 8 hour ride once we got to Maine. I just left Eglin AFB Florida a week before, and now it's cold, dark, and I'm lost. I told myself, this is a 5 year controlled tour...you better get used to it, and get the family prepared for a hell of a ride.
Most Memorable Experience: I have many Loring stories, but I guess my favorite would be when A civilian worker on Base wanted to give his wife a tour one Sunday afternoon to show her where he worked. They were dressed up just coming from Church. Well everyone who works on Base SHOULD KNOW the restricted areas and what that RED LINE means. Well, I guess he forgot, because once they crossed the line, Security Police surrounded them, with guns drawn on them, with him and his wife face down spread out on the pavement in fear. I could hear her, thanks for the tour hon...wait till I get you home...if I GET HOME!!!
Last Day at Loring: December 1987, over the last 5 years I watched the base grow and change altogether. We had new housing and new bulidings all over the place. I learned I can survive 60 below zero weather in January, and it's a must to wear a woolen mask when taking the kids trick or treating. I learned to catch myself BEFORE I hit the ice. I came away with a new appreciation for friends when your car won't start. Over all, I learned to know how to help people in need, and ask for help when needed. We were all close like family and depended on each other like family...a great assignment after all...
What did you do after Loring? I completed a 4 year tour in the UK stationed at RAF Bentwaters,then retired. We arrived Gainesville Florida in 1991, where I started a landscaping business. After realizing I didn't want to cut grass for the next 20 years, I took the Postal Exam in 1992, and was hired September 1994. I been a Letter Carrier since then with a projected retirement date of December 2014. I have a walking route ( 10.3 miles a day), and am very so looking foward to that date. God has blessed me with a full and rewarding life. I have a wonderful marriage of 40 years, 2 sons and 2 grandchildren. I'm very fortunate...
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