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Garbinski, John (1984-1988)*

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John as he appears in his book "North River Depot"...

Tribute to Loring AFB


 Note from Webmaster:  You should know that John's book, "North River Depot", is a MUST READ for anyone who wants to know the real story of the origins of the Weapon Storage Area, and it's absolutely historic impact on the Cold War.  I have a personal copy and was totally entranced reading it.....also be sure to check out a special, free offer from John to Loring Vet's of old Loring photo's he has available for scanning and mailing to you...

Hometown:  Philadelphia

Unit at Loring:  42nd CHS, 42nd SPS

First day at Loring:

I arrived at Loring AFB on a beautiful sunny day, temperature about 70 degrees.  It was the middle of May.  I checked in at the CBPO and when I asked the guy at the window when summer began, he promptly answered "Today".  I said when does it end?  Without hesitation he said "Tomorrow".  I looked at him with a funny look on my face.  He then said to me "Listen, We only have two seasons up here... 9 months of winter... and 3 months of poor sledding... That was my first day at Loring Air Force Base, May 1984.

Most memorable experience:  

There are too many to fit in this space.  I have so many fond memories of Loring.

Last Day at Loring:  

My last day was kind of sad... Although I was only moving a little to the south (Bangor, Maine), being in the county was like anything I had ever experienced... Especially after growing up in Philadelphia.  None of my other active-duty Air Force assignments were as rewarding for me personally than my assignment to Loring.


What did you do after Loring:

I retired from the Maine Air National Guard in 2001.  After September 11th, I returned to work for the Air National Guard as a civilian for a short time, then began working for the INS (Now the Department of Homeland Security).  One of my assignments as an Immigration Inspector returned me to Aroostook County, to the towns of Limestone and Fort Fairfield at the U.S. Canadian Border.  I have also written two books.  The first Titled "The United States Air Force in Maine, Progeny of the Cold War".  The other Titled "North River Depot" This second book is about the origins of the WSA (East Loring).


If you agree, people can contact you at (email):  jgarbinski@hotmail.com