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George, Eric (1985-1986)

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Home Town: Titusville
Unit at Loring: Supply (POL)
First Day at Loring: When I arrived at Loring it was a little scary as I was asked where in Pennsylvania I was from and when I told them I was told that I had better called home, which come to find out I had just left when the tornado of 1985 when through Northwest Pa. 
Most Memorable Experience:
Last Day at Loring: Exciting and sad, I got the traditional watering down in POL sad I was going to leave some good friends made but exciting to be going to RAF Bentwaters in England. 
What did you do after Loring? Went to RAF Bentwaters in 1986 and got out in 1992 have been self-employed since with myself currently owning a Sporting Goods store for hunting, fishing, located in East Hickory Pa 
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