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Green, Roy (1988-1990)

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Home Town:  Caribou
Unit at Loring: MSSQ/ FS
First Day at Loring: Things went very well.  I was hired as the new Program Manager at the new Family Support Center Directed by Dean Drany.
Most Memorable Experience: I was new to Government Service and I was so pleased to work with such professional people and people who really loved working with military members and their families.  We did such wonderful work and always exceeded the standards set forth for us.
Last Day at Loring: I was leaving Loring AFB as The Director of the FSC.   I had accepted the position as Family Support Center Director at Spangdalum, Germany. 
What did you do after Loring? I stayed as Family Support Center Director in Germany for my tour and left to start a Family Readiness Center at Westover ARB in MA.  The Reserve wanted and needed strong leadership to get started and I was asked to take the position at Westover.  I left Westover ARB to take the Director position at Elmendorph AFB in Anchorage, Alaska.  This was a promotion to GS-13 and was a bigger military population.  While I was there we received the best FSC in PACAF four years running and for the Air Force three years out of the five I was there.  What a wonderful life experience working for the Govt.  Went back to Westover ARB when my tour was up as return rights permitted.  Left Govt Service due to medical issues in 2002.
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