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Greenfield, Larry (1987-1991)

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Home Town: Mt Pleasant, IA
Unit at Loring: 42nd ARS
First Day at Loring: The Drive out of Bangor was amazing, I have never seen Northern Lights like I did that night.  
Most Memorable Experience: When Quazzi Motto aka Don Cash was kidding around on alert saying over the intercom that he had taken a prisoner and at the same time the security cop at the front desk was in the building, it was amazing to see the Quaz talk his way outta that one. 
Last Day at Loring: Like they said happiness was Loring in your rear view mirror.
What did you do after Loring? Stationed at McConnell for 4 years, then at Tinker AFB as Liason to the 3 star overseeing the boom overhaul shop and Dash One, and then back to McConnell for 3 years retired 2003 after 24 years as a boom operator.  Currently working as a timekeeper for a rail gang taking care of around 100 guys.  
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