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Hart-Bowley, Joseph (1983-1985)*

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Joe IVA-2 Oct 1984 
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Hometown:  Groton, CT

Unit at Loring:  42 SPS

First day at Loring:

I arrived at Loring about 8PM on a Sunday evening in late July 1983. The annual base open house/air show had just finished. I was straight out of Tech School. They put me in a room in billeting where I promptly unpacked all my stuff not know I had to move into the barracks the next day.

Most memorable experience:  

The rumored story of the Vamp House was popular. The cemented doors and windows led to some wild stories of a nuclear experiment gone wrong. 

There were a few other buildings I believed to be haunted. Then, there was Blotner Site. Oh, too much.

Last Day at Loring: 

I departed Loring on the 28th of May 1985. It was 38 degrees out with freezing rain. I was to report on 1 June to a school at Davis Monthan in route to my next base. On 30 May, it was 100 degrees there.

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