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Hawkins, Roger W. (1984-1989)*

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Home Town:    HAMILTON, OHIO
First Day at Loring:    Arrived broke from drive up there through Canada. Loring was my first assignment out of tech school. I took my wife (now x) but there was no billeting nor housing available. Off base hotels were few and full. One of the guys at the shop lived in an apartment building in Ft Fairfield. It was old building that had been a meat warehouse 50 years before. He called his apartment manager and there was a 1 bedroom apartment available. She rented it to us and I only had half that was from a advance I had just gotten from finance. We had very little with us and never had money while up there. It turned out to be by far the biggest shop I ever worked in. Lots of drama. I remember three guys were headed out the door as we walked in. It was there last day due to failing a shop-wide drug test. It would be an interesting assignment and very cold. Wife bailed out while stationed there. Too little money and no family for a thousand miles. She had given it a try though. We had a base house in Presque Isle at the time. I drove a lot there but it was nice to not live on base. 
Most Memorable Experience:    I remember looking up at the sky and seeing the northern lights and thinking there must be a forest fire or something. I remember riding over to Canada to something Falls in the rear of Nissan 280z. I was like in the trunk but it was a hatchback. I remember having some really good friends while up there and how everyone helped everyone out but that was the AF way at every base I was at. Civilian world is much different. I was still young so a lot more things seemed fun I guess. I remember it had some pretty bad chow hall food. Oh I remember getting jacked up while going to do some work on some on-alert B-52s. It had taken me too long to remember my slot # or such. It is funny now but not at the time. I finally told the guy at the guard shack but he said too late. In a few seconds I understood what he meant.
Last Day at Loring:    I packed up a pickup truck with a small U-Haul trailer and remembered to look at the gate for the last time in the rear view mirror. This is what everyone had said happiness would be. I do wonder what everything looks like up there now. I had some interesting times and explored some. I had couple girls friends while there which many did not manage to pull off. I met some interesting folks. I ran into many of my coworkers from there over the years and many of them like me stayed in and retired. Many stayed in for over twenty and at least one made chief.
What did you do after Loring?    I was stationed at Grissom during Desert Storm (that was interesting and I still sometimes smell burnt desert and think of it), Eglin, Osan, Hickam, and Travis. I spent time at a few other places like Incirlic, and Rota. I got to go to Kenya, Laos, Vietnam, Japan and Thailand. I retired in 2006 and things have not went that well. Another divorce, layoffs, untimely death of my beautiful 12 year old daughter and just not a lot of success but life goes on. I miss the AF nearly everyday. It really was most often a great way of life. I saw a bit of the word and met some really great people. I am still using the GI bill to work on a Masters and used it to refinance my house. I have a Foster child staying with me so that is some thing different I guess. I have stayed in touch with many AF coworkers through Facebook. Most are doing very well. 
If you agree, people can contact you at (email):    ROGERROK@HOTMAIL.COM