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Johnson, David (1983-1986)

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Home Town: Baldwin
Unit at Loring: 42 AMS
First Day at Loring: Brief; arrived just after noon, intro's, tour, showed my room, then disappeared till Sunday afternoon! I had high school classmates attending the University of Maine at Presque Isle... it was a school rally weekend... it was intense! "Boring Loring?" Hardly! My short stay up "they-ah" was a full featured event from day one to day none.
Most Memorable Experience: "Mud'n, tooth-chippin', shoveling out the shop front door cover with snow to the top, camping, ""rage in the cage"", climbing Haystack, oh there is just so many stories flooding back to me. But all these stories come back to one common thing, good people... great people.
Last Day at Loring: Mixed... finished my stay with the USAF at Loring. I was excited to move on to "bigger things", but I was apprehensive at leaving the friends, lifestyle, and the area I had become so accustom to. (Looked forward to shorter winters!)
What did you do after Loring? The usual... got a job (chasing the delusion of the almighty dollar), established a career in the semiconductor biz, settled down, got married, bought a house, had two awesome boys, got divorced, sold a house, sent one kid to college (the other is pending the long road to HS grad), and a whole "bunch of stuff" in between!
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