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Koble, Gary (1984-1988)

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Hometown:  Largo, FL

Unit at Loring:  42 SPS

First day at Loring:

A lot different than Florida! It was my first duty station and considerably cooler in late October than Texas (tech school).  I was nervous and was assigned to the dorms with someone I went through tech school with, Eric Hyzy.

Most memorable experience:  

My daughter was born in 1987!  It was a very stressful time but having this little baby was incredible!

Last Day at Loring:  

Very busy! Outprocessing and gathering everything I needed.  It was quite sad to leave such a beautiful place, but I was excited to be heading to SAC's beautiful beach, Guam.  Little did I know... LOL


What did you do after Loring:

Quite a long list: Guam (1988-1991), Retrained into weather in 1992, Seymour Johnson (1992), Chanute (1993), Hickam (1993-1999), Wright-Patterson (1999-2002), Hickam (2002-2005), and Offutt (2005-2007).  Two desert deployments: 1997 and 2003.  "Retired" in 2007 and now work at the Air Force Weather Agency at Offutt AFB, HI.


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