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LaMere Stephen (1982 - 1985)

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Home Town: Albany NY
Unit at Loring: 42 FMS 
First Day at Loring: My first day at Loring  was very very cold I got there in feb 1982 I remember my sponsor coming to the dorm and banging on my door then the rest of the day is one big blur ..........very busy day meeting my branch chief and shop chief and running to supply for all my winter gear   
Most Memorable Experience: I would have to say my favorite time was when all of us in the fabrication branch got together and built a raft for the race in 1984 we worked as a team and just had a blast . what a Great time !!!!
Last Day at Loring: My last day was kind of sad I was leaving my friends that I made while I was there and moving on 
What did you do after Loring? Since Loring I came back to Albany and worked as a mechanic for a few years and then I became a firefighter / EMT at the airport here in NY 
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