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Lemieux, Bob (1988-1990)

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Home Town: Fairfax, VA
Unit at Loring: 42 AREFS
First Day at Loring: I checked into the BOQs and in an adjoining room was a officer Reservist.  He and an enlisted associate were going to go to the NCO Club and invited me. Being new to SAC but knowing it was rank-conscious, I told them I didn't think I could go to the NCO club.  The NCO said, "Come on, just cuss and pick your crotch and you'll be ok." Didn't go.
Most Memorable Experience: One story? One Halloween my crew and I got dressed up for a party at my co-pilot's house (Dan Swan). I lived in a small apartment complex with mostly military including some enlisted medical technicians.  One of them, a nurse, dressed me up as...a nurse.  We went to the party and then went to the NCO club. A wild boom operator (Jim Norris) recognized me but I didn't recognize him (looked like Rod Stewart).  He asked if I was an officer, I said yes, and he said "you have to leave".  I replied, "Ok".  He took his hair off and said, "Sir, it's me, Jim!".  I stayed and we had a beer.
Last Day at Loring: Pretty sad. My good friends were mostly deployed for Desert Shield when I PCSed.
What did you do after Loring? Flew for the next 10 years as an Instructor and Evaluator Nav at Griffiss, Castle, Altus, Travis.  PCS'ed in 1999 to the NGB for strategic planning.  Transferred to the Guard at the 17.5 year point on Title 10 and stayed for another 7.5 years. Retired at 25 as an O-6. Very blessed. Am currently a support contractor in the DC area.
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