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Lienhardt, Ron (1981-1985)

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Hometown: Greenwich CT

Unit at Loring: 42 ces - metal shop


First day at LoringI drove a 1973 Z 28 camaro from greenwich to Loring, a very fast but long drive . When i finally reach the base gates i wonder just what did i get myself involved with.


Most memorable experience: This is easy,March 14th 1984 my son was born in a snow storm that dumped 30 inches of snow in one day,resulting in i believe the first time the base was shut down because roads and grounds could not keep the runway open.


Last Day at Loring: Bittersweet, I made a lot of friends at Loring and felt at home there,but felt it was time to move on with my life with my wife Bonnie and my new son Ronnie.


What did you do after Loring: proud father of four children Ronnie -27,Randy - 22,Rebecca- 18 and Robbie 11 , Married 30 yrs to my wife Bonnie, Have been coaching Baseball 25 yrs and football over 20 currently varsity at Immaculate high school in Danbury CT


If you agree, people can contact you at (email):rjlienhardt@comcast.net