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Martinez, Tommy (1984-1987)

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Hometown:  Uvalde

Unit at Loring:  42 Hospital Squadron

First day at Loring:  Flying the last leg in a turbo prop from Bangor, ME during the month of February.  I remembered "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom" as the plane flew low & I could see a few moose among the white backdrop.  For a young man from Texas who heard the crunch of

Most memorable experience:   Being so close to nature & coming to appreciate the joy of youth.  Several stories about skiing, weather, flights coming into the area, the friends I made and the work experience while serving as a Medical Supply Clerk at the USAF Hospital.

Last Day at Loring:   It was a sad day as I closed this chapter & left the winter wonderland I'd come to love.


What did you do after Loring: Worked at AT&T as communications technician, got married, had a family with 3 kids.


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