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McDannell, James C. (1984-1987)


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Home Town: Gettysburg Pa.
Unit at Loring: 42 OMS and 42 FMS
First Day at Loring: Very beautiful and I thought I stepped back into the 1950s with all the Mom and Pop stores and all the farms.
Most Memorable Experience: The first time I saw an Elephant walk alert exercise and my trainer told me they were launching the Nukes.  working on the B-52's were my favorite stories everything I learned about being an aircraft mechanic.
Last Day at Loring: bitter sweet looking forward to going home but unsure about whether or not I made the right choice to leave the Air Force.
What did you do after Loring? I joined the Pennsylvania Air National Guard 193rd Special Operations Wing at Middletown Pa in 1988. This base used to be the Old Olmsted Air Force Base until 1968.  I went full time Air Technician in 1989. I am now a Senior Master Sergeant Flight Chief for the 193d AMXS Squadron.
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