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Mead, Matthew (1988 - 1992)

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Home Town: Milton-Freewater, OR
Unit at Loring: Detachment 4, 26th Weather Squadron
First Day at Loring: Wow, Loring is a long way north!  Who knew it was so far from Bangor?  Loved the remoteness.  It was fall and already cool and the snow arrived shortly after we did.
Most Memorable Experience: I worked in a great unit with a lot of great people.  We had quite a few snowmobilers and I remember having many rides with my co-workers. We lived in Caribou, right across the Aroostook River, in a small mobile home park.  Our landlords became great friends and I'm still in touch and visit them whenever I can get that far northeast.  
Last Day at Loring: Sad.  We left in a snow storm in February.  I was headed to Korea and knew Loring was on the closure list, meaning I would never have a chance to be stationed there again.  
What did you do after Loring? I have visited Loring and Maine numerous times since being stationed there.  After a year in Korea, I was lucky enough to be stationed at Sagamore Hill Solar Observatory in Hamilton, MA.  Loring was still open initially, so I went and visited old friends.  From 1993 until 2001 (when I retired), I made many trips to Loring and Aroostook County on snowmobiling adventures.  Since 2001, I've been back to Caribou and Loring at least once.  My wife, daughter and I currently reside in Selah, WA.
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