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Moreland, Bill (1986-1990)

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Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Unit at Loring: 69th BS


First day at LoringJanuary 6th, 1986...drove from Marlboro, MA.  Northern Maine had received 32 inches of snow three days prior.  The left lane of I-95 was snowpacked, the right had two ruts worn to the pavement.  My windshield washer fluid in my 1984 Mustang froze (learned to put some anit-freeze in it).  Arrived at the base in late afternoon and spent 45 mintues trying to find the billeting office because the signs were buried in snow and I had never been contacted or received anything, including a base map, from my sponsor.  I later took over the sponsor program and made sure that never happened again.


Most memorable experience: My daughter was born at the base hospital in July, 1987.


Last Day at Loring: Freezing rain the day before, roads were completely iced up but I didn't care, I was leaving (most of the Wing was deployed for Desert Shield and I had just returned from that deployment to PCS).  US-1 was ice covered all the way to Houlton.  I-95 was clear and after lunch in Bangor, visited Bar Harbor on my way to Bedford, NH.


What did you do after Loring: Spent 17 more years in the Air Force in various positions.  Have settled in Henderson, NV working as an engineer for Northrop Grumman Corp.


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