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Osborn, Alan (1982-1989)

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Hometown: Morris, pa

Unit at Loring: 42nd OMS  Tanker side


First day at LoringMY first day at Loring was very cold. March of '82. The year Loring had over 200 inches of snow, so I was told.


Most memorable experience: The time that Bill Boyle, Wayne Tibbs, Larry Gallmier and myself went 4 wheeling at black lake and  Larry had a small Chevy Blazer stuck in the middle of a HUGE mud puddle. That was one of my memorable moments.


Last Day at Loring: My last day at Loring was just the opposite, pretty warm. June of '89. Got orders to RAF Mildenhall, England.



What did you do after Loring: Went to England from '89-92. Went into the Reserves from '93- Sept.11,2005 and Retired. Now I work for a beverage company called Gatorade, where I work in Quality Assurance.


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