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Owens, Howard (1980-1981)

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Home Town: San Diego
Unit at Loring: Law Enforcement
First Day at Loring: "Don't remember my unit number, etc.  

One of the most memorable days of my life.  I had put in for communications, but my security clearance wasn't completed in time, so I was assigned to law enforcement. I went through tech school, went home on leave, and then flew to Loring, which had been my assignment out of basic training.

When I arrived at the gate, nobody expected me.  The flight sergeant arrived and said nobody in the squadron had been told to expect my arrival.

I was processed and the clerk who processed me in informed me that my orders had been cancelled.  I wasn't supposed to be at Loring (I've always assumed I was assigned there to work communications).  I asked where I was supposed to be and he said, ""you don't want to know.""

And I've never found out."
Most Memorable Experience: "God, I hated Loring, but I also had some of the most memorable times of my life there.

I hung out with the members of a band who played there often called Merlin.  I ended up dating the lead singer's sister, who lived in Portland.

I remember the day Reagan was shot.  I remember the day Lennon died.

Perhaps one of the proudest moments of my life came July 4, 1981.  Sgt. Hanson (forget his first name) loaned me his police ban scanner (I was off duty that day) and a series of arson fires broke out in enlisted housing.  I watched the glow of the fires from my dorm.  Two suspects were taken into custody.  One was taken back to the police barracks, but with no available manpower to watch him, he just walked out of the building.  I put on my uniform, drove over to the barracks and offered my services (I was in law enforcement).  The sergeant sent me to the east gate to help with access and watch for the suspect.  I was driving my 1968 Chevy Impala.  I came across a hitchhiker whom I recognized by an article of clothing.  I had no radio, no means of protection, but I took of my baret and picked him up.  When we drove to the gate, the guard stopped us. I said, 'just a minute, let me see what's going on,' and I got out of my car.  I told the guard, who recognized me, 'Your suspect is in my front passenger seat.'  I got a commendation from the base commander for that."
Last Day at Loring: "Don't remember it too clearly.  

I traded assignments with a girl from Boston who was at Vandenberg AFB."
What did you do after Loring? College. A journalism career mixed with a lot of other stuff.  Back to the east coast from California. I now run an online-only news site in Batavia, NY.
If you agree, people can contact you at (email): howardowens@gmail.com