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Parry, Dean T. (1982-1986)


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Home Town: Weaver
Unit at Loring: FMS & CES
First Day at Loring: Just came from Okinawa and I was driving my VW bettle I brought back with me from Okinawa and got pulled over because i was driving on the wrong side of the road when i pulled out of the housing office
Most Memorable Experience: I loved the CES Pig Roasts they had behind the barracks and i worked part time as a Bartender at the O club
Last Day at Loring: SAw it in the review mirror saying hope I never see this place again I was wrong
What did you do after Loring? When I left Loring I got out of the USAF and drove truck for Pepsi Company. Then I joined the Army stayed there for three years and then moved to Alabama and joined the Alabama Air National Guard and retired from there back in 2006. Currently I am working for the Army as a civilian. I am an Industrial Hygiene Tech
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