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Potter, Geoff (1989-1993)*

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Crew R131 from Tanker Task Force TDY to Rosie Rhodes NAS, PR. LtoR: Moe Noel (AC), Don "killer" Kinlin (copilot with back to camera in van), Mike "Stag" Pratt (Nav), and Maj Jones (Squadron DO)  
Me receiving Certificate for ALS  
Carribean Boredom
 L to R: Russ Carleson, James Dickson, two unknown females, me (seated on bed), Mike "Max" Webster Seated on floor), Mike Craig and Tom Campbell

Home Town: Milo, Maine
Unit at Loring: 42nd AREFS
First Day at Loring: Jess Schloss called the room to attention when we walked into the morning brief...he then introduced the newest "baby boom" (me).  The gesture was met with shouts of "Sit down newby!"  He later took all of us to the club.  Great memories. 
Most Memorable Experience: See my "first day at Loring" post above.  There are too many stories to tell, and many more I've forgotten.
Last Day at Loring: Drove out the gate on a beautiful sunny June morning headed for Beale AFB, CA.  There's never been another place in my career like Loring because the folks that were stationed there treated each other like family.  
What did you do after Loring? 24 years as a Boom stationed at Beale, Fairchild, McGuire, Altus, Scott, and back to Fairchild.
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