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Scasny, Kimberly Carver (1983-1985)

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Hometown:  Villa Rica, GA

Unit at Loring:  Weather

First day at Loring:  I was a brand new 2nd Lt and was excited to be at Loring and so far from home!

Most memorable experience:   I guess my favorite story was when I had to the morning brief to "Charlie".  The Wing Commander, Squadron Commanders, and Maintenance Commanders were all in Base Ops to watch a MITO takeoff.  I had to the briefing and when I started the weather brief for the day over the bricks, every Colonel in the building smooshed their face up against the WX office window to try and make me mess up the briefing!

Last Day at Loring:   It was a bit sad.  I was off to a new assignment in Germany and knew it would be a long time before I'd see my friends from Loring again.


What did you do after Loring: Worked for the Navy as a research meteorologist, then moved to the NWS in Peachtree City, GA.  Now an 8th grade Math and Science teacher in Douglas County GA.


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