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Seeling, Paul (1988-1993)

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Hometown:  Weare, NH

Unit at Loring:  69th BMS

First day at Loring:

Arrived at 0300 in the morning since I was driving at 30 MPH all the way from Bangor with an Oldsmobile Diesel.  It was a Califonia car that had never been in cold weather.  Obviously as we drove north in March, it got a lot colder.  Mark Kelly met me at the TLF on Tennessee Circle in the morning and showed me around the base and squadron.  I reported in on March 31st and wouldn't you know, it was my birth month and I hadn't had a flight physical.  If I remember correctly, Claude Bissen and Galen Beaulieau were working in training records and read me the riot act for not having my physical done.  I got over the the hospital (the "35 bed 5 story hospital" as the base brochure stated) and worked my way around the hastily installed timbers which were everywhere to keep the thing from collapsing due to the earthquake that hit earlier.  Great Day, I loved it at Loring; wish it had never closed.

Most memorable experience:  

Too many to count.  Everything was great.  I loved coming back from a STRC or UTTR mission in the winter and seeing Mars Hill in the EVS scope.  Alert was great until Sept 88.  BYOB was great while it lasted.  Foxtrot duty was great driving around the Pea Patch and the rest of the flightline trying to stay out of the way of the Oshkosh cowplows, "flying nuns", and snowblowers in the middle of the night.

Last Day at Loring:  

Can't remember much.  I was PCSing to Castle which I didn't want to do.  We had a great house right at the final approach fix to runway 01 and loved it there.  I kept the house for a couple of years hoping we would get to go back, but finally sold it as it was costing me money every month.


What did you do after Loring:

93-94 Castle at the 328 CCTS

94-98 Barksdale at the 11 BS IRN

98-00 Hill as 75 Range Sqd CC

00-04 Offutt STRATCOM Nuclear EAP author

04-08 Minot as Chief CP, IG, and 23 BS IRN

08-Present USAF Academy as History Professor


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