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Smith, Bob (1983-1990)

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Hometown:  Petersburg Indiana

Unit at Loring:  Refueling Squadron MX

First day at Loring:  November 11th 1983....Woke up and had 11 inches of snow....First thought was omg.....Found all the people I met were very polite and It seemed like a close knit family group....Enjoyed all 7 years....great place for my kids to enjoy

Most memorable experience:   Racing plugs on the flight line.....It was just after an ice storm....flightline was shut down except for those few of us at work that night....We took out the inlet and exhaust plugs out of a KC-135A engine......Take in mind the winds were about 50mph......You set on the tail cone while being held by others....hold up the inlet plug overhead and then your so called friends let you go....instantly you are at 50mph scootin along the ice hoping that safety does not see you....To stop all you had to do was lower the inlet plug.....Note that this did not always work.....we never got hurt but seen some great sights of crew chiefs sliding across the ice and smashing into the snow banks on the upper "p" patch

Last Day at Loring:   Very sad.....Was excited to leave and see more of the world...but had  a hard time leaving the hangar for the last time...This station was what made me what I am today.......always will be a SAC Warrior


What did you do after Loring: Flight mechanic on the C-9 at Scott...Refueling Squadron in Kansas....Retired for 3 years after 20 years which included every state except Hawaii and 37 different countries.....Now I am employed in an underground coal mine in Indiana


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