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Smith, Travis (1986-1988)*

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Basic Training 1986

Hometown:  Archer Florida

Unit at Loring:  42nd SPS

First day at Loring:  Was wondering what the heck have i got myself into

Most memorable experience:   #1..the birth of my daughter Danya,,, but we always enjoyed going to the Ski Chalet and going sledding...they had the best hot chocolate... in the spring we would always drive the back roads and watch for moose and other wildlife...never did see any bear accept one ..i was bow hunting and we picked the same blue berry patch ... he won...

Last Day at Loring:   Bittersweet... My oldest daughter was born there  .... Loved and hated it at the same time ... several friends were leaving at the same time due to closure and we all wound up at Wurtsmith so it wasn't like walking in and not knowing anybody


What did you do after Loring: pcs d to Wurtsmith in 88 then to Altus in 92... separated in 95  worked at Oklahoma Stae University Police 95-2002  moved to tenn joined Bradley County SHeriff's office 2002-present


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