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Songao, Norman (1986-1989)

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Home Town: Orlando Florida
Unit at Loring: 42 OMS Tankers (Red Flight)
First Day at Loring: "I arrived 1st week in september 1986 and snow flurries had started to fall.
Was Picked up by David Johnson in his Trans Am.. I had just came from sunny Florida so I frozed my butt off on my 1st day there."
Most Memorable Experience: "Pulling Alert Duty with a bunch of Great Guys.. Miss ""moe"" Ssgt Moses.. Great guy.. TDY to Milden Hall England.. hooked up with JFitztpatrick there.. Had a great time..
My not so favorite time was being in CC for fighting with a Bomber Crew Chief.. Anyone that knows me..Know who he is ..This incident caused me a TDY Trip to Alaska. and a 6 month suspended bus on sewing on SRA.

Last Day at Loring: "Left Dec 1989.. it was snowing.. had to dig out my truck from the snow..
Left Loring and caravan with Russ From AMS squadron.. His truck did not have heat in it, he drove it with Parkas still on him.

Remembered being happy and very excited to start a new civilian life."
What did you do after Loring? After leaving Loring..Got a Job with Eastern Airlines rebuilding JT-8 engines.. Test Cell was a blast!... After Eastern shutdown.. went overseas with my current wife to the island of Rota..About 50 miles north of Guam. Stayed there for 7 years. Both of my kids were born there. Return back to U.S. and worked for several Regional Airlines, held various Maintenance Positions such as mechanic, inspector, MX Control, MX supervisor to Base Manager of Maintenance. Currently residing in NC.
If you agree, people can contact you at (email): nsongao@yahoo.com