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Walters, Larry (1986-1989)

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Home Town: Alamogordo, NM
Unit at Loring: 42nd FMS
First Day at Loring: When I arrived at billeting, I called the squadron while awaiting for a room assignment. While unloading my vehicle at the room, my supervisor showed up, shook my hand and promptly announced that I was the new Egress Shop Chief. And without drawing a breath, he promptly informed me that I had just under three weeks to have the shop ready for the incoming 'ORI'. He turned to walk back to his vehicle as he said "I'll see you at the shop in a couple of hours". I stood there watching him drive away and thought to myself. "I believe I was just 'Sacimcised'. 
Most Memorable Experience: Our final squadron christmas party. It was the typical 'Coat and Tie' event, having just received our third consecutive 'Excellent' rating from a major inspection, ORI, if memory serves. All shop personnel ( at this time we were combined with Parachute Shop as a test program for 'Rivet Workforce') voted to go in style. An 'All for One- One for All' approach. When we approached the reception line at the club, the 'Wing King' busted out laughing, as we had shown up in 'White Shirt, Black Coat and Tie', shorts and sandals. The look on my Boss's face was priceless. Needless to say the events of the night were all downhill from there. That however, was one of the biggest relief valves I had ever witnessed, especially after months of 16 hour days.
Last Day at Loring: After I did my final launch coverage at 0700, on of the guys in the shop, gave myself and family a ride to the Presque Isle Airport. While in the air to Boston, I felt a relief of weight off my shoulders. However it was still a bittersweet moment, I was feeling the depression of leaving a bunch of guys and gals that had followed me through 3 years of the toughest work enivironment of my career, but was overjoyed to get out from under all that pressure. Little did I know......
What did you do after Loring? I PCS'd to Hahn AB Germany, and led the squadron during our 'Persian Excursion', returning to a closing base. I was the last Maintenance person to depart Hahn, I literally turned out the lights and locked the flightline access gate, turning the keys over to Security Forces. I went to RAF Lakenheath from there, Retiring 6 years later. Remarried and followed my wife to Holloman AFB, where I worked as a civilian in Outbound Freight for 7 years. I then became a Park Ranger at Bonito Lake Recreation Area for a couple of years. I was attending New Mexico State University, during this period and finally achieving a degree in Information Technology.
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