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Webber, Chris (1986-1992)

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Hometown:  Durham, NH

Unit at Loring:  69th BMS

First day at Loring:

It was a long drive up, and it took a lot longer to get there than I expected as the roads North of I-95 were rough and slow.  I remember finding the 69th BMS offices and seeing an old harpoon on the wall in the lounge.  The biggest impression was of a veil of quietness when the planes were still, of empty silence except for the wind in the tress.

Most memorable experience:  

In the days when B-52s were sitting ready to get airborne at a moment's notice, people used to play jokes on crew members during their first alert tour.  They tried to get me to request "alert pay," and I remember a number of other good tricks.  The best one that I have heard was the "arrest" of a certain co-pilot by the SPs, followed by imprisonment, accusations related to some young ladies in Canada...of course all of it was staged. 

There are some other great stories about Loring, deployments, friends, the squadron, and the area...a lot of interesting people, doing interesting things, in an interesting place.

Last Day at Loring:  

Cold.  We left in Winter headed for New Mexico - I ws a lot more focused on the future than what was soon to be in my rear view mirror.  I've thought about Loring since and I seem to have held on to mostly good memories of the time I spent there.


What did you do after Loring:

We went to New Mexico and my wife and I started a business doing TV documentaries in Africa.  Later, I went on to grad school at Yale on the GI BIll, worked for a variety of companies, and I am now a "fortune teller and cartoonist" for Microsoft (the job title is actually Senior Product Planner...but I do try to tell the future and draw pictures of it).


If you agree, people can contact you at (email):  cwebb@microsoft.com