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Willson, David (1981-1983)

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Hometown:  Vacaville

Unit at Loring:  42d SPS/SPOL

First day at Loring:  A total shock. A gate that didn't loom anything like a normal base entry point (more like a flightline ECP). Housing that caused my wife to break down and cry the night we arrived (we were fortunate to get off base housing). We arrived shortly after the base had been "re-opened", from an island where 90% had been leveled by a 7.6 earthquake. Prior to that it was 5.5 years in the California Mojave Desert supporting programs like the B-1 bomber and Space Shuttle.

Most memorable experience:   Blocking roadways for moose herds to cross safely. Hadn't done anything like that since being stationed at the Flight Test Center where the endangerd Desert Tortoise crossed the roadways and we would block traffic when we could, or we would physically carry them across the roadway. They were a lot slower than the moose.... most of the time.....

Last Day at Loring:   A relief to be going back overseas... even if I was going remote tour.


What did you do after Loring: Chief, Security Police, Ie Shima AAF, Japan,

305th SPS Acting First Sergeant,

9th SRW Chief, Training Systems Management

Retired 1988



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