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Zillweger, James "Ziggy" (1985-1990)

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Home Town: Pittsburgh, PA
Unit at Loring: 42 BMW Safety Office
First Day at Loring: My wife and arrived after traveling from Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota.  We were newly married and were surprised at how small the base was compared to Ellsworth.  We were also surprised at how remote the base seemed to be from any large town.  It was mid-October and it actually snowed a few flurries the day we arrived...the first of the season according to our sponsors.  We were excited to start our new life together at such a beautiful place in northern Maine.  
Most Memorable Experience: It would have to be the day we were having a blizzard starting mid-morning and they started to let people go early due to the hazardous roads.  My boss started letting people go home by starting with the people who lived on base first.  His rationale was that those that lived on base were most likely to get home safe.  We all just stood there in disbelief.  None of the on base people would leave unless those of us who lived off base got to go first...I lived the further than anyone else, Presque Isle, so when he realized he made such a boneheaded call, he tried to say he was just kidding but everyone knew he was serious.  
Last Day at Loring: It was bittersweet.  After spending 5 years and several long winters of more snow we'd ever experienced in our lives, we were ready for a change.  However, both my children were born at Loring and I earned my Masters degree while serving there.  As the years have gone by and looking back at all my tours of duty, I can honestly say my fondest memories were during my tour there.
What did you do after Loring? I had tours at Malmstrom AFB, Mt (2 yrs); consecutive overseas tours at Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan (6 total yrs); final tour at Sheppard AFB, TX (3 yrs) where I retired as a MSgt in 2002.  I was hired into civil service 4 months after retirement and still serve at Sheppard AFB.  I was hired as the Ground Safety Manager for the 82 TRW (AETC) and now serve as the Chief of Safety.  I loved my time in uniform and still proudly serve as a civilian.   
If you agree, people can contact you at (email): jzillweger@hotmail.com