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Dickson, James (1990-1994)

Posted:  7/23/2010 7:24:35 AM

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Hometown:  Houston, Texas

Unit at Loring:  407 ARS

First day at Loring:

First day at Loring was very cold and snowy, like many of my days at Loring. I was introduced to Gary Hunt and from there it started the next 4 years that proved to be the best posting I was going to experience in the US Air Force

Most memorable experience:  

The boom operator camping trips would definitely be the highlight of Loring. I never thought my liver would survive.

Last Day at Loring:  

The last day at Loring was very sad. I felt like I was saying good bye to a huge family that I never thought I would see again

What have you done since Loring:

Since Loring I spent 6 years at Fairchild, moved moved back to Canada where I finished my degree worked in the private sector and believe it or not I am now an officer in the Canadian Air Force

If you agree, people can contact you at (email):  jbd19702002@yahoo.com