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Moczary, Stephen "Mo" (1992-1993)*

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Me in Afghanistan Oct 08 - Apr 09.  
In this photo I was providing security 
for our Explosive Ordinance Team Instructor
Cadre while they were teaching at the range.
Tail 218 at Moron Spain in 93 for NATO Sea Link ’93 exercise.    Basically we would engage NATO ships with simulated Harpoon missiles (Spanish Air Force A-7s).  This would provide the NATO fleet training against potential enemy bombers and sea skimming missiles, while we got training in avoiding naval vessel defenses.   On the attack run we would be at or below 300ft above the water and the A-7 would be flying in very close formation below us.  When we got to our simulated launch position, we would flash the navigational beacons to notify the A-7 pilot of the launch.  The A-7 pilot would then fly the missile profile to the target ship and we would haul ass, turning and burning to escape the enemy task force defenses.   We won.  (click HERE to view full-size)
Wearing my new suit for job interview!

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Unit at Loring:  69th BMS

First day at Loring:

Awesome!  Took some time finding the squadron. I was not expecting it to be located inside a nose-dock.  Quick orientation to the Ops office location on the lower floor, the bar, and the schedule.  The rest came with time.

Most memorable experience:  

Best time was the NATO Sea-Link exercise we flew out of Moron Spain.  Kicking NATO Navy ass with the Harpoon, and having a Spanish A-7 fly under our wing to simulate the Harpoon before launch rocked!  The biggest threat came during day two RTB from a British Crusier, had us India band locked up tighter than a.......well you get the idea.

Overall, the high pace TDY's and off-station training sorties were outrageous.  It seemed like I was going TDY somewhere every month for an exercise.  It definitely made the year go by quick.  From basic qual EWO, to IEW, to EEW with Castellani as my pilot, then all the additional duties teaching in the T-4, being the OPSEC bubba, and so on, it was all a blur.


Last Day at Loring:  


What did you do after Loring:

Went to Minot 93-96, Offutt for Rivet Joint 96-00, San Antonio for the Joint Information Operations Center 00-03, Hurlburt Field for AFOTEC EW testing on AFSOC fixed wing 03-06, and currently Kirtland for Air Force Safety Center doing aviation mishap investigation stuff.

Future, either back to the Florida panhandle as a PCS or retirement.

UPDATE 20 Jan 2011:  Retired 31 Dec 2010, currently residing in Crestview, FL.


If you agree, people can contact you at (email):  smoczary@cox.net