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Stirrup, Matt (1992-1993)


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Hometown:  Belleville, IL

Unit at Loring:  42 OMS / 69 BS

First day at Loring:

Loring was mt first duty assignment. So I imagine it was similar to anyones first duty assignment. But the first time I saw a B-52... Awesome! I was impressed and had tons of fun working on them.

Most memorable experience:  

There are to many to mention. I do remeber going out for bike rides in the middle of the night with 2 ft of snow and hearing nothing but seeing a illion stars. The Northern Lights were always a big hit too.

Last Day at Loring:  

I'll say, when you make a lot of friends it's tough. The folks that helped me pave the way to where I am today I owe a lot of thanks. I will not forget them and will always have a place for them! (Mostly on Facebook!) I remember having to tear the planes down so they could take their last flight to the bone yard. And standing around an empty shop... Logging into CAMS for the last time and talking to Mr. H. while he smokes a cig in the garage. Lots of great memories!


What did you do after Loring:

From Loring I had base of preference. I chose Eglin AFB and became part of the 16TS out of the Air Warefare Center. Great time and learned a lot. Then I became an AMT on the 135's out of RAF Mildenahall. I loved the travel to places unknown and had a great time until I separated in '99. Spent 6 years as a reservist and moved on!


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