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Our stories

Our members have plenty of stories to tell about the different era's of Loring Air Force Base.  Take a little time and learn more about the experiences these men and women had at one of the most important bases in the Cold War era, Loring Air Force Base, Maine!  Click HERE to submit YOUR story...
 A Short Snow Story
Cancelled Leave and the 1973 Arab-Israeli War
 Submitted by  ‎Rush, Jonathan (1970 - 1974)*

 The origin of the 42 APS Patch

Submitted by *Ellis, James (1952-1955)

"The Triumph",
A great story about a great motorcycle by *Brown, John B. (1954-1957)
 Pete's Stories  Harrington, Pete (1952-1956)
 Life at Loring Wedge, Michael (1979-1982)  has interesting stories about life in the Weapons Storage Area, where he worked as a "special weapons" technician.
 Rog's Good Old Loring  Hamann, Roger (1972-1974) has a story originally published to the Loring Yahoo Group back in 2005 about his time at Loring...

 John's Stories
 Sports Stories
 Morkavich, John E. (1972-1975) - Read about the UFO incident from John's time at Loring...and the crazy sports stories he was a part of.
 Bob's Stories
The End of the Goat
From B-29 to B-52; a Bomb Nav System Specialist story...

Zellner, Robert O. (1953-1954) - Robert has good memories of his time at Loring...
 Fred's Stories
    Hot Water
Schilling, Frederick C. Jr (1970-1972) - Read the "Hot Water" test and more from his days at Loring...
 Jerry's Thoughts

  Winter Carnivals and other things... (09 Feb 2010)

 Forman, Jerry (1956-1959) - Read Jerry's stories and memories from his days at Loring back in the critical early years of Loring AFB.
 Loring Notes  Baker, Steve (1965-1969) - Steve has plenty to say about his time at Loring so check it out!
 Norman's Stories

  1. 1On the Ball (Buster)
  2. B-36 Flight
  3. Jack the Barber
 Get a glimpse into what it was like in the beginning with Norman (Warren, Norman D. (1953-1954).
 Ray's Ramblings
            1. The East Loring Self-Guided Tour
            2. The Fly's Death Rattle
            3. Dim Your Lights!
            4. The Love Bug Dud
            5. Flame on
            6. Ball(ing) &  Chain
            7. How did I end up here?
            8. The Rope Trick
            9. Now that's a car company!
            10. 10 Get the Message?
            11. 11 Busy Luggage (Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb)

  •  Ingham, Raymond (1977-1980) - Ray has plenty of stories to tell about his time at Loring where he served in the 42nd MMS / Missile Systems Checkout in the Weapon Storage Area (WSA).
     Tom's Stories
    B-36 to B-52, Head Start
     As a retired Chief Master Sergeant, Salvador, Tom (1954-1959) has some great recollections about Loring