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This awesome painting was done by Dave Leubbert and can be seen on our facebook site as well.  It can be ordered as a print at http://www.deviantart.com/print/29906327/ 

Home Movie from Loring Mid 1980's

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Note:  The following two films are about the defensive missile systems that ringed Loring and it's outlying communities.  They were first fitted with conventional warheads, but with the Nike Hercules, they were fitted with nuclear warheads...

(Submitted by Bob Bois)

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Loring Specific Videos / photos:

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  • Loring B-47 / B-52 movie clips
  • Photo's available from John Garbinski
  • B-52 Stratosfortress (Contributed by Bass, Joseph 'Norman' (1968-1970, 1971-1977)
  • Loring B-36 video from 1956
  • Loring Alert Force 1958
  • LIFE magazine photos of Loring during 1961 Alert
  • The Many Lives of Loring AFB (Maine PBS Segment on history of Loring
  • Tribute to Loring AFB (submitted by John Garbinski)
  • Operation Head Start (SAC Test of airborne nuclear alert at Loring)
  • Loring AFB Fire Department Remembers
    Loring B-52's on Airliners.Net
    A Time Remembered
    Development of the B-61 Nuclear Bomb (declassified film of Loring-based bomb)
    Tribute to the Vulcan Bomber (only one operational plane left in the world)

    1956 SAC Bomb Comp at Loring

    F-106 Delta Dart
    - Web site dedicated to F-106
    The Dogs of War (tribute to Police dogs of 42nd SPS)
    Tribute to the KC-135
    42nd Airborne Missile Maintenance Squadron - history of AMMS at Loring, with pictures and stories...
    Life Magazine photo's of Loring Personnel (Contributed by Larry Borders)
    Memorial page for Colonel W.H. Reddell, Commander (42nd Bombardment Wing (SAC), Loring AFB, Maine Mar 1960-Jul 1963) - contributed by  Larry Borders
    Cold War Relics - Slideshow of Loring AFB from 2007
            The following were submitted by Darwin "Buzz" Stock (1964-1967) on 11 Feb 2010:

    27 Jan) - In 1979 a B-29 called "It's Hawg Wild" stayed at Loring for a week on it's way to Duxford Air Museum in England.  I remember very clearly going into the hangar where it stayed while they fixed oil leaks so it could ferry the rest of the way.  When I was stationed in England in 1988, I had the chance to go to Duxford with a friend, and made it a point to see if "It's Hawg Wild" made it.  It did, and below is a picture of it at Loring (the navigator's son is standing in front of it), and later when it was cleaned up and on display at Duxford.  Pretty amazing that they flew that old bird over there...How many others remember the occasion?  If you do, post a comment  and tell us what you remember...you can read all "It's Hawg Wild" HERE.

    "It's Hawg Wild" in 1979 at Loring
    "It's Hawg Wild" after restoration at Duxford, UK

    Read the story of the 1963 F-106 crash as written by Larry Borders (w/ pictures of the crash scene)

    Cold War Era related Videos:

    The YB-52A (Prototype of the B-52)

    SAC Command Post (Official AF Film) - excellent quality video of the inner workings of the Command Post


    IMAX Fighter Pilot - A fantastic HD documentary of Red Flag showing unbelievable dogfights...
    The History Channel's "The Air War", a 2 hr series about the Air War over Europe (WWII), with fascinating combat footage!