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1963 F-106 Crash TN 59-0039

Submitted 19 March 2010 by Borders, Larry.  All photos originally shot by Jim Brannon of the Loring AFB Photo Lab.  
On 08 October 1963, an F-106 flying out of Loring made a crash-landing.  It went down in a potato field not far from the base.  I had only been on the base a couple months or so, but I remember the day it happened.  Attached photos show what was left of the aircraft (tail number #59-0039) after it crashed. 
The aircraft had taken off at about 0830 hrs and declared an emergency after about 20 miles north of Loring at 36,000 feet. The engine had exploded and the pilot was going to bail out as he could not make it back to the base  The aircraft crashed in an open field after shearing off a number of trees before striking the ground. The cockpit area was intact and upright but the rest of the plane was in pieces. The entire engine had been torn from the plane and was standing erect near the cockpit.  The pilot was still in the cockpit but not moving; he was alive though badly injured.
The pilot had tried to eject, the canopy had blown, but the seat had not fired. The pilot’s feet had been retracted by cables into the stirrups to be secured before the seat fired. As such he was unable to free himself and go over the side. He was forced to land the plane from the bailout posture. The seat ejection rocket was armed. The paramedics used guillotine-like bolt cutters to sever the pressure lines to render the seat safe. They were then able to extricate the pilot. The pilot had a number of injuries including broken bones.

Aerial view of crash site

View from aft left looking forward

Front view of cockpit area (click picture to view full size)