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AGM-69A Restoration

From Loring Remembers

This is a restoration of a SRAM missile, similar to the ones carried by Loring AFB B-52G's from early 1970's through 1980's. (By the way, Loring was the first SAC base to carry the SRAM missile). The restoration was done by Peter P. Papadakos for the Hawthorne Ordnance Museum.  He solicited information from our group to get the markings right, and I appreciate everyone who responded to him.  The missile looks awesome, and if you are able to make your way out to the Museum in Nevada, drop by and see something very rare, indeed...

Here is a web page showing Mr. Papadakos expertise in weapon systems design, particularly the QH-50 C/D DASH  (Drone Anti-Submarine Helicopter), of which he was a Board Member (Gyrodyne Helicopters).  And here is the placard that will be placed in front of the SRAM display: