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Photo's available from John Garbinski

Dear fellow Air Force veterans: 

My many years of research on the history of the United States Air Force, has enabled me to acquire many copies as well as some original documents.  As I was going through some of those documents, I came upon a unique set of originals.  All of these documents were printed on 1 October 1957.  They appear to a complete set of all CONUS, and most Overseas Air Force Bases that existed throughout the world on 1 October 1957.  This was at the height of the Cold War.  There are a total of 197 Air Force Bases, with 21 bases in the State of Texas alone.  Note:  Please keep in mind that these are a snapshot in time, and a base that you may have been assigned to may not have yet existed in 1957, or the base may have dramatically changed since 1 October 1957.  

I am willing to share these with fellow Air Force veterans only.  If you ever served at one of these bases, and would like a copy for your own memorabilia, please contact me at jgarbinski@hotmail.com.  I am not charging for these in any way other than for the cost of copying and shipping.  I will attempt to have each scanned and digitized as requested, and then I can email it to you at NO COST if you prefer.  This is my way of sharing something very special that I have, with other Air Force veterans.  For a complete list of the bases I have, just email me a request.  The list is in alphabetical order.

You can contact me at:  jgarbinski@hotmail.com

See bottom of this page under attachments for the complete list (Air Force Base list.pdf)

Sample photo (Click on photo to view full size)

Loring Remembers,
Sep 16, 2010, 3:14 AM