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 1961 Nuclear Accident Declassified document shows we were one failed switch away from losing NC when a 24 Megaton bombs 5 out of 6 safety switches failed during it's fall to the earth...failure of the 6th would've released a nuclear detonation. 21 Sept 2013
NSA 160 Signed directive by John F. Kennedy, requiring implementation of PAL (Permissive Action Links) to all nuclear weapons as soon as possible, in 1961  21 Sept 2013
 JCS Doc "The Evolution of US Strategic Command and Control and Warning, 1947-1972 
 JCS Doc "A Historical Study of Strategic Connectivity", 1950-1981 (Formerly Top Secret)05 Jan 2013 
 SIOP 63 The history of the Single Integrated Operational Plan, or SIOP, introduced in 1963 and serving as the Nuclear War-Fighting plan for the United States into the 1970s.  Formerly classified 05 Jan 2013

 Interview:  Joe D'Amario  Joe D'Amario, veteran of Loring AFB, and author of "Hangar Flying", sits down with Loring Remembers in an interview on his career, including his side of the Thule Greenland Broken Arrow B-52 crash...  16 Jul 2012
 USAF #2104  Nice one-page story on the history of a locomotive assigned to Loring AFB.  20 May 2012
"Caribou HS 1969 Cardiac Kids" 

 Newspaper story about a last-second shot to win the State Tournament, courtesy of *McIntosh, Roy (1966-1969)

25 Apr 2012 
 Loring Cold War Official study of the history / mission and features of Loring AFB.   16 Apr 2012
 60th Anniversary  Read the story (with photo slideshow) marking the 60th anniversary of the greatest bomber ever developed, the B-52.  16 Apr 2012
Loring Welcomes You  Official Loring Welcome pamphlet from 1954; courtesy of 
*Ellis, James (1952-1955)
 Posted 13 Apr 2012
 Official History  The official history of the 42nd Bomb Wing (From AETC's fact sheets) Posted 29 Dec 2011 
 B-52 Designer Dies  Read NY Times Obituary on Holden WIthington, the last living designer of the B-52.  Posted 29 Dec 2011
 Welcome to Loring  Squadron welcome letter from 1977 to AB Raymond Ingham  Posted 27 Dec 2011
 Veteran's Survey  In November 2011, a PhD Candidate at Iowa University asked if a survey could be done of our veteran's on their thoughts about Loring and it's closing.  I have published their comments here...  Posted 16 Dec 2011
 1958 B-52 crash  This article is from the Washington Observer.  Other articles about this same crash can be found further down this list.  Posted 12 Dec 2011
 Best in SAC '77  A short clipping from Bangor Daily News 1978 about Loring being selected as the best base in Strategic Air Command... Posted 22 Nov 2011 
 Bay of Pigs      Formerly TOP SECRET CIA documents detailing the failed Bay of Pigs invasion, including revelations never before seen...must read for Cold War researchers. Posted 15 Nov 2011
 Veterans Day      On Veterans Day 2011 (11.11.11), we asked the veteran's of Loring to recount their period of service.   Posted 11 Nov 2011 
 Period of Nuclear Stalemate  Summarizing the longer report, this document--the text of the oral presentation prepared for an NSC meeting-analyzed several nuclear wars during 1964-1968; in each one of the superpowers initiated a preemptive strike and the other retaliated. The NESC's conclusions were grim: for "the years of this study … neither the US nor the USSR can emerge from a full nuclear exchange without suffering very severe damage and high casualties."  This once highly classified and rare report can also be found at the Nuclear Vault site...  Posted 23 Sep 2011
 Creation of SIOP-62  Formerly highly classified documents on how the Single Integrated Operation Plan for nuclear war came to be. Posted 12 Aug 2011 
 Bangor News  A story about the planned implosion of Loring's Heating Plant... Posted 01 Aug 2011
 External Site 463 Nuclear Weapons Technician   Posted 20 Jul 2011
 1963 Yearbook  1963 Yearbook produced by Loring.  This was contributed by 
*Hayes, James A. (1962-1966)
Posted 02 Jul 2011
Nov 1958 Historic Flight  17 Nov 1958 Press account of the historic 10,000 mile non-stop flight from US to Buenos Aires.  Posted 29 May 2011
Blotner Satellite Site   Submitted by Thompson, Todd (1979-1983); this is a formerly Top-Secret "Spin Satellite" site used for producing weather maps over potential targets during the early part of SAC's history.  The site was very near Loring.  Also, here is a slideshow someone made of the site...  Posted 11 Feb 2011
 A Soldier Died Today  Submitted by Tweed, John (1964-1967)  Posted 06 Feb 2011
 LeMay Interview      As part of a 1988 AF Commanders interview, Curtis LeMay (with other SAC commanders) recalled the SAC era. (Note, if pages don't come up full size, simply refresh the page)  Posted 27 Jan 2011
 Nike-Hercules  At the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis, commanders wanted to ensure that ground-based air defense forces used conventional (High Explosive, or HE) weapons; however, they were informed in this former Top Secret memo that the majority of Nike sites were nuclear-armed.  Loring had 4 Nike-Hercules Battery sites:  Carswell, Limestone, Caribou, and Van Buren  (You can read about it HERE)  Posted 06 Dec 2010
 ADM-20 Quail  Fact sheet on the decoy missile carried by B-52's at Loring.  Originally called "Green Quail", you can read a 1958 Popular Science article on it and the Hound Dog Missile below...  Posted 02 Nov 2010
 B-52 Units in Operation Desert Storm  2004 book on the different unit's of B-52's deployed during Desert Storm.  Includes many photo's and drawings of Loring B-52's.  A MUST READ for anyone interested in Loring's contributions to Desert Storm. Posted 14 Nov 2010
 "Mightiest Bomber fires 1000 mile missile"  A 1958 Popular Science article on the B-52G's latest weapons, the Hound Dog and Quail missiles.  Posted 27 Oct 2010
 The Loring Poem  Submitted by Walen, John (1960-1962)*  Posted 11 Oct 2010
 SIOP 62      Formerly Top Secret documents detailing the planning of the first Single Integrated Operational Plan that detailed SAC's philosophy of war.  Released in 1962, it was the "MAD" (Mutally Assured Destruction) scenario.  Here are a number of formerly highly classified memo's and letters between the JCS, planning groups, and the Eisenhower administration on formulating this plan. Posted 06 Sept 2010 
 Loring Ramp Rats Reunion  Bangor Daily News story about 2010 Ramp Rats reunion at Loring AFB  Posted 28 Aug 2010
 1950's Interview  Read our own historic interview of the decade that symbolizes the Cold War.  5 of our own members sat over the course of 6 months and recall their experience at Loring AFB at the beginning...  Posted 03 Aug 2010
 War with China 1958 Top Secret (declassified) document detailing the event that could signal nuclear war with China, including deep airborne nuclear attacks by SAC.  Posted 16 Jul 2010
 NY Times article on 1969 B-52 Crash  One page story in the NY Times (5 Sep 1969) on fatal crash of Loring B-52 upon take-off...  Posted 13 Jul 2010
 Washington Post Article on Jul 1958 B-52 Crash  This is a one-page report on the July 1958 crash of a B-52 at Loring.  You can read a more detailed story from the Bangor Daily News further down in this section... Posted 19 Jun 2010
 1974 Nixon Visit  NY Times article about Nixon's brief stop at Loring returning from Russia, and the "over the top" preparation by the base.  Posted 16 Jun 2010
 November 1958 Tanker Crash      New York Times article about Tanker Crash that also references a B-47 crash a week earlier (coming here soon)...  Posted 16 Jun 2010
 Nuclear Incidents      Declassified records of nuclear incidents through 1981.  Includes B-29, B-47, B-36, and B-52 aircraft.  Posted 18 May 2010
 *July 1958 B-52 crash  Bangor Daily New's article about the crash in Limestone, only one crew member survived (contributed by Jerry Forman)  Posted 25 Apr 2010
 42nd APS Fact Sheet  Fact sheet on lineage of the 42nd APS/CDS/SP squadron.  Also shows honor's the unit received during it's history.  Posted 21 Apr 2010
 Life Magazine  Photo album of 1961 SAC Alert at Loring, which LIFE magazine ran a story about. Posted 08 Apr 2010
Outpost Club burns down  A news clipping from 1965 shows the remains of the popular club where some of our own member's band's played.  Submitted by Larry  Borders.  Also, view a picture of an abandoned church that may be on the site where the Outpost Club stood (submitted by James Gildzyn) Posted 06 Apr 2010 
 Airships on the rise  What that little white blimp is really doing at Loring AFB... Posted 26 Mar 2010 
 Loring B-52's on alert  AP Story "B-52's in Maine Placed on Alert After Soviet Subs Are Detected" from 1981 Posted 21 Mar 2010 
Bush approves Loring closing  1991 NY Times Article where President Bush gave approval to closing Loring AFB (among others). Posted 21 Mar 2010 
AF to close 3 nuclear storage sites  1988 NY Times article that mentions Loring AFB as one of three nuclear weapons storage sites to close. Posted 21 Mar 2010 
Tanker explodes   1989 snippet from LA Times about Loring Tanker exploding in-flight. Posted 21 Mar 2010 
 27th FIS History  Beautiful site about the F-106 Delta Dart; this page is specifically about the 27th FIS at Loring...  Posted 20 Mar 2010
 NIKE AJAX Battery Story of B Battery, 3rd Missile Battalion, 61st Artillery Regiment.  A NIKE AJAX (later to convert to NIKE Hercules) anti-aircraft missile battery that protected Loring Air Force Base starting in the early 1950's
 Posted 20 Mar 2010

 Radiological survey of WSA       Report of negative findings during a survey done by the hospital prior to the base closing in 1994.  (ref:  AF Medicine report)

 Posted 20 Mar 2010
 AF reactivates 69 BS  AF article on the reactivation of the 69th Bomb Squadron at Minot AFB in 2009.  Posted 19 Mar 2010
 1957 B-52 Crash  AP report on Loring B-52 crash from 1957  Posted 19 Mar 2010
 Kennedy Assassination  Limelite story on the Kennedy Assassination.  Thanks to Larry Borders for submitting this...  Posted 19 Mar 2010
 Loring crews to participate in SAC bombing competition  1985 newspaper article on SAC bombing competition - names the crew members from Loring set to participate (Bangor Daily News)  Posted 19 Mar 2010
Rallying round an air base in Northern Maine  New York Times article from 1988 on Loring's possible inclusion on list of bases to close.  Posted 17 Mar 2010
 Painted Ladies 1979 article in the Argus Press about nose art returning to B-52's, and mentions Loring AFB's B-52 "Disaster Master" and "Donna Marie"  Posted 13 Mar 2010
Northern Maine needs Loring 1981 Article in The Telegraph newspaper (New Hampshire) about Loring Air Force Base.  Posted 13 Mar 2010
 History of the 27th FIS    
Loring F-106 Crash 1965         
The following newpaper articles linked to the website 456 FIS
1.  General Elliott cites airmen for rescue of F-106 pilot
2.  F-106 pilot escapes death after plane burns
3.  Limelite story
 Posted 13 Mar 2010
 1958 B-52 Crash  Article in Southwest Review News chronicles the civilian survivor's memory of the crash of a Loring B-52 in 1958 in which all but one crew-member died.

Posted 12 Mar 2010 
 Saw it as a Kid...  A very interesting recollection by Mr. Tom Hidreth on his seeing a Loring B-36 at an open house.  Includes a couple of very nice pictures (one of which is the B-36 on our home page collage) Posted 12 Mar 2010
 The 1st successful belly landing of a B-52 (1958) which was from Loring.  Click the newspaper article to view larger size.  
 Posted 11 Mar 2010
 The "UFO" incident of 1975  The official DOD investigation and summary of the UFO incident of 1975 at Loring's WSA Posted 11 Mar 2010 
 article on the B-52 "C"  Article about the "C" series.  It states that all "C" model B-52's were originally assigned to Loring AFB.  Posted 10 Mar 2010
 Operation Quick Kick Record setting around the world flight in 1956 involving Loring AFB B-52's.  Historic because it seems to have been a response by LeMay to a reporter's impending negative story on the B-52.  The flight largely reduced the story to the scrap heap...   Posted 05 Mar 2010
 42d Bomb Wing  Air Force Heritage site FAQ sheet on the 42d Air Base Wing, which originally was the 42d Bomb Wing. Posted 01 Mar 2010 
 45th Air Division  Air Force Heritage site FAQ sheet on the 45th Air Division, which Loring AFB was assigned to.  Posted 01 Mar 2010
 SAC's Deadly Daily Dozen 1961 Time Magazine article on SAC's airborne alert program.  The article notes that the FIRST flights ever were made out of Loring AFB.  Posted 18 Feb 2010 
 96-A-1123DOC7  A formerly TOP-SECRET RESTRICTED document from 1958 summarizing the results of the Operation Head Start, where Loring Bombers were launched every 6 hours fully loaded with nuclear weapons to test feasibility of airborne alert. Posted 18 Feb 2010 
SAC Airborne Alert 57-59 Formerly SECRET document detailing the airborne alert program during years 1957-1959  Posted 16 Feb 2010
SAC Maneuver of sealed-pit weapons  Former TOP-SECRET document from 1958 on the movements of nuclear weapons during exercise HEAD START which took place at Loring AFB (the base's name is redacted)  Posted 16 Feb 2010
Snakes in the cockpit  Book on aviation disasters; shows Loring B-52 ground fire on cover, continuation on page 67 (June 28, 1958)     Posted 16 Feb 2010
AF Cold War and Beyond 1947 thru 1997  AF Chronology from 1947 thru 1997.  (alternatively go HERE to view online.)  Posted 14 Feb 2010
 Loring rates Sat on ORI  1971 Bangor Daily article on Loring AFB ORI  Posted 12 Feb 2010
 Steam-heated runway melts 10 feet of snow  1957 Popular Mechanics snippet showing experimental runway surface carried out at Loring AFB.  Posted 11 Feb 2010
 A1C Marilyn Pierce 1971 Pictures of the Year, she was a member of Air Rescue Team at Loring   Posted 11 Feb 2010
SAC Alert!  1961 Time Magazine article about SAC ORE at Loring AFB  Posted 11 Feb 2010
 Historic Record of Loring AFB by Society of American Engineers  
History of construction at Loring Air Force Base from it's beginning.
 Posted 11 Feb 2010
42d Bombardment Wing  Snippet from Google Books showing all Wing Commanders and assigned aircraft 1947-1977  Posted 11 Feb 2010
Night Radar Raid in our Hydrogen Bomber      1957 Popular Science article on Loring AFB B-52 crews competing in SAC bombing competition      Posted 10 Feb 2010
Alert Operations and Strategic Air Command 1957-1991  SAC document about all alert forces during 1957-1991.  Posted 10 Feb 2010
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